Pattern and Pink it up!

Pattern and Pink it up!

Here at Elm & Blue we love our nordic inspiration and part of that comes from our love of beautifully patterned home accessories.

If you are looking to add the perfect patterned accessory to your room, or go full on pattern in your house, then this is the perfect place to start.

And of course pattern doesn't always have to mean colour, sometimes that can be added through textures as well.

Take a look at our pattern and pink mood board and pick your favourites or find a home for them all...

Pattern and Pink it up

We love the bold patterns, textures and the busts of pink that come through in this mood board.

Here is a breakdown of all the beautiful pieces you see here:

A - Fabric Storage Basket. This lovely zigzag design on this storage basket is a fun pattern for any room. You can us this storage basket to store toys, magazines or even laundry. It lovely monochrome design makes it easy to fit in to most design schemes.

B - Crochet Blanket. This crochet blanket is an Elm & Blue favourite and you will see us use it in a to of our mood boards as it is so versatile and comes in a wide range of colours. This pink is a perfect fit for our Pink and Pattern mood board.

C - Cotton Cable Knit Cushion. These lovely cable knit cushions are a great way to add texture as well as pattern. Their lovely neutral colours makes them fit into most rooms. Great for on the bed or your favourite sofa.

D - Ceramic Vase. These Vases are a lovely addition to any room, with their geometric, textured design and neutral colours they will fit perfectly on your shelf, desk or table. A lovely way to add a subtle pattern into your room.

E - Multi-Function Ground Mat. These beautifully patterned mats are another Elm & Blue favourite product. They are so versatile they will look wonderful on any floor. They are a lovely way to bring a bold pattern into your room through a wonderful monochrome design. Available in four different patterns.

F - Geometric Nordic Cushions. You should know by now, we think you can never have too many cushions! Here are a lovely set of geometric patterned cushions with a hint of subtle pink to add a lovely soft hue of colour. Mix and match to find your perfect combination.

G - Nordic Metal Pendant Light. A lovely nordic inspired design, don't forget to include your lights in your room design, as these can sometimes become an afterthought. These lovely spider design lights are a great pattern to use and stylish too.

H - Tea-light Candle Holder. These a delightful accessory to use to put on your shelf, desk or table and they add a lovely ambience in the evening when lit. Perfectly pink and patterned!

I'm sure this pattern and pink mood board design has got you excited about completing your look for your room. Be sure to check out all of our products and don't forget our free shipping worldwide. So get adding those favourites to your basket.