6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner OCD


6 WAYS to embrace your inner ocd elm and blue neat tidy clean storage ideas inspiration

If like us, you believe that everything has it's place in your home and you like to keep things neat and tidy. Then you will love this blog post showing you 6 ways you can embrace your inner OCD, all whilst keeping things stylish, functional and tidy.

A bugbear of ours, that I'm sure other parents out there can agree with, is the pile of shoes that builds up by the front door.

Elm & Blue's top tip for keeping the 'shoes pile' tidy is to place a basket by the front door, in which all the kids shoes can be placed. Keeping them out of site and ready to hand when you want to make a quick exit with the little ones.

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Keeping all your well used kitchen utensils, sauces and items to hand is certainly harder if you want to keep things looking tidy. If you place them inside a beautiful metal wire basket, that will hep them to look tidy whilst keeping them accessible.

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Just before you go up to bed in the evening, do a once over of the house, picking up any items that make it look untidy and give your kitchen a little clean. You'll feel much better in the morning when you walk downstairs to a clean and tidy house. This will help your day to run smoother and get off on the right foot.

If you have little ones, consider using a storage play mat; these are a fantastic toy storage idea to have around your home, as once playtime is over, you can pull the drawstrings and have a tidy play area in seconds. This is every parents dream!

Storage bag play mat Elm and blue embrace inner OCD tidy clean ideas

If you have a bedside table or dressing table onto which you place your watch, jewellery, phone or other items at the end of the night, then we recommend using a lovely tray to place your items in. This way it looks organised and you can feel like your items have a home at the end of the day.

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If you have lots of items on display in your living room or office, and you would like to put them somewhere out of sight, but ready to hand. Consider using a storage ottoman in your room to keep things tidy and accessible.

storage ottoman display neat tidy clean living room ideas inspiration ocd

Which idea did you like the best for embracing your inner OCD?

Do you have any other ways to keep your house neat and tidy? Especially with little ones around?

Happy tidying,

Elm & Blue

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