Top 11 Essentials for Your Superhero Bedroom


ESSENTIALS GUIDE FOR SUPERHERO BEDROOM design decor ideas inspiration

If you are one of the lucky parents out there to have a little superhero (or multiple superhero's), then you will love our top 11 essential items for your superhero bedroom.

Help them to inspire their imaginations, get creative with their playtime and dream big about the future, with their own little imagination station bedroom designed especially for them.

Every superhero needs their own den hideaway from the evil villains, and of course lots of essential items to keep them safe and protect their city from harm.


To start their imaginations off, add some inspiring wall art to their room, choose either our Superhero Quote Canvas or our 'Dream Big' Quote Canvas.

superhero bedroom bed boys room decor design inspiration ideas

superhero quote canvas design decor inspiration ideas boys bedroom room bed the best

Both of these will have an equally inspiring affect and get them dreaming and thinking like the superhero that they are.


A smart superhero will always have a small storage bag for all their gadgets ready to defeat any baddy that comes along. Get the Small Cartoon Storage Bags ordered so they can have their essentials ready to hand.

superhero bedroom design ideas bed boys room decor inspiration

These are available in multiple designs, but we think the bat mask design is the ideal style for your little superhero.


Batman has Robin, so make sure your little superhero has a suitable sidekick to help them on their missions. Pick one of these Soft Animal Head designs and, of course, name them accordingly.

superhero design decor inspiration boys room bedroom bed ideas


Equip them with the Kids Wooden Toy Camera to catch their arch enemy in the act of committing a crime.

superhero bedroom design decor inspiration accessories best boys room

Available in multiple colours to keep siblings happy!


Give them the keys to their very own city, with their City Storage Play Mat that all tidies away quickly, once their city is safe at the end of the day.

superhero bedroom ideas inspiration design decor boys room bed accessories

This one is also a big help for the super parents that raise the superheroes!


Every superhero needs somewhere to draw out their master plan for saving the world. Let their imaginations go wild and give them the ability to replan and start again with these Phone Wooden Chalkboards.

phone wooden chalkboard superhero room plan ideas design decor boys room bedroom


They will need somewhere to keep their money safe from any villains on the loose. Let the Robot Money Bank play a key role in protecting their stash.

superhero villain bedroom design decor inspiration ideas bed boys room

Or buy more than one to create a robot army!


They will need somewhere to hang up their cape at the end of the day, there are lots of different designs to choose from with our Kids Wall Mounted Hooks.

superhero bedroom design ideas decor inspiration boys room bed

Pick your favourite for your little hero.


Every superhero needs somewhere to keep all their toys, games, gadgets and more, fill up a Cotton Canvas Storage Basket and keep their city tidy.

superhero bedroom bed boys room ideas inspiration design decor the best


When disaster strikes, your superhero needs their own beacon to call them to the scene. Let them create their own callsign with the DIY LED Light Box.

superhero room bedroom boys bed ideas inspiration design decor

This is great to change their message each time.


Let them keep their identity a secret and also add some style to their room with the Watercolour Wall Art Prints.

superhero bedroom decor design ideas inspiration boys room the best

Available in lots of different designs and styles.

And that concludes this weeks episode of the top 11 essentials for your superhero bedroom.


Will Elm & Blue return for another episode next week? Will they be able to get out of the villains evil trap?

Let us know which superhero essential you liked the best and Elm & Blue will do their best to return with an equally thrilling blog post next week.

Until next time...

Happy superhero'ing,

Elm & Blue

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