The Greenery Obsession for 2018


the greenery obsession for 2018 by elm and blue

There is a new trend that is creeping its way onto the interior design scene for 2018 and it is known as the greenery obsession!

Never before has it been so popular than it is today. In this fast paced lifestyle we all lead, with busy lives, busy apartments, busy busy busy, we are looking for something to slow us down, cool us off and bring our feet back to the ground.

So what is this greenery obsession all about?

...Of course, we are talking about plants.

The idea of bringing plants into our homes certainly isn't a new idea. It had been around for generations, its even traditional (just think about the Christmas tree!), but now, more than ever it is becoming an obsession, if not borderline essential for our survival in this day and age.

On their most basic level, plants give us life; they take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. We use them as food in the form of herbs, vegetables and fruits. They sustain us, keep us alive.

But apart from that, they bring in nature into our homes, giving us a slice of being in the outdoors without having to be in the outdoors; they have hugely grounding affect upon us, allowing us to relax, calm down, slow down and just breathe.

When you have had a busy day; hectic from work, family, friends, the public, fast food on the go, public transportation, an overdose of coffee drinking and the weight of the world on your shoulders - not just from your problems but from everyone else who has offloaded their problems onto you - your home needs to be a sanctuary to escape all of this, and by bringing some greenery into your life, it can have a hugely calming and grounding affect to help you to unwind and let go.

Even I you're muttering in your head *but, I don't have time to water plants* or *I've never been green fingered* - fear not! There is always a solution.

Take a look at some of the popular greenery that is making its way indoors and see if you can spot some 'low maintenance' plants that could be ideal for a busy lifestyle.

Cacti - oh how we underestimated your appeal...

cactus in woven wicker basket

The simplicity and low maintenance of a cactus is beautiful in its design, and look how fun and stylish it can look when placed into one of Elm & Blues woven wicker baskets.

And how about succulents? We love the world 'succulents'!!! Such a fun word to say.

There is a huge variety of succulents you can get and again they are fairly low maintenance, easy to keep and are certainly fun and stylish.

Take a look at these succulents in the set of 9 hexagon flowerpots...

set of 9 hexagon flower pots

And the possibilities are just endless when it comes to filling these 9 pots, you could fill them with your favourite herbs for in the kitchen, or try adding some colour with some seasonal, colourful plants.

If you are looking for adding some greenery to your desk area, you can't go wrong with this beautiful desktop planter which would look great with any small plant, cacti, spider plant or even this beautiful, butterfly palm which acts as a living humidifier.

desk plant pot

If you are short on space, or have a 'cosy' apartment, then you could be looking for a planter to hang on your walls to bring the outside in, take a look at these quirky little hanging plant pots, which are ideal for planting some climber plants or hanging plants like the exotic angel plant on the right and the silver falls on the left.

hanging plant pots elm and blue home accessories

These are great space saves and look beautiful adding that much needed green colour of nature to your room.

If you want to make more of a statement with your indoor greenery, you could bring a large indoor palm into your room. I will make a great statement and add that all important punch of green, whilst helping to bring that needs sense of calm and nature to your life.

Take a look at this indoor palm inside one of Elm & Blue's larger woven wicker baskets...

woven wicker basket

And if all else fails, and you just can't maintain a greenery lifestyle, you can always add the green in the form of cushions or wall art to give you your boost of nature...

leaf cushions

forest landscape

Share with us your favourite plants below, and let us know which plants you have in your house already and how you keep them looking so beautiful.

Are you getting involved int he greenery obsession for 2018?

We are!

Elm & Blue

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