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When it comes to moving home, there are lots of things to consider; which solicitor to use, the mortgage company you'll go with, will you use a removal company who will come and pack everything up and help unpack, or pack the boxes yourself, what type of house/apartment will you purchase, what are your non-negotiables? And the list goes on...

With all this to consider, we thought we would help you make the decision as to whether you use an online estate agent, like purple bricks or tepilo, or whether you use the old-school way of going with a high-street estate agent in your area.

So here is our comprehensive Pro's and Con's list for each method of selling your home.

Online Estate Agent

Pro's Con's 
  • There is one fixed fee for using this service, usually less than £1000.
  • You have 10 months to pay this fee or when you sell, whichever is sooner.
  • They have local estate agents who will know your area quite well.
  • Your home will be viewable on Right Move.
  • Using this service can save you quite a bit of money if your home is worth a lot.
  • You have to pay the fixed fee whether your home sells or not, even if you decide you don't want to sell after all.
  • There is an extra cost for the online estate agent to show people around your home.
  • If you don't choose this service, you need to be available to show people around.
  • When people want to view your property, they call a generic number and speak to an agent who deals with the whole country.
  • The people who come to view your home, won't get a call to see how they got on, they receive an email.


High-street Estate Agent

 Pro's Con's
  • You can negotiate a fixed fee for their service.
  • You aren't tied into any contract; if you decide to change agents, you don't have a fee to pay.
  • They are usually knowledgeable in your area and have people on their books who would be interested in your property.
  • Your property is viewable on Right Move.
  • People who view your home will be called by your agent to follow up.
  • Costs can be higher, anywhere from 0.8%-1.2% + VAT of the sold price of your home.
  • If you do negotiate a fixed fee, there is less incentive for them to get you a higher price for your home.
  • If they are a larger agent, your home may get lost and/or neglected due to their high numbers of clients.

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After weighing up all your options for choosing either a high-street estate agent or going with an online agent, the most important thing is you are happy with your decision.

Go with who you feel most comfortable with and you trust the most.

At the end of the day, if you have a sale-board outside your home and your home doesn't sell for a while, it will reflect badly on any estate agent, either online or high-street. Both have the incentive to get your home sold as quickly as possible as it will generate more business for them in those areas.

Do you have any other Pro's or Con's to add to our lists? What has been your experience when selling your home with estate agents?

Happy home-selling,

Elm & Blue


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