Get Moody!

Get Moody

Before you begin decorating your chosen room of your beautiful house, you need to get MOODY! Yes, you read that right - Moody!

And by moody, I mean, you need to put together a mood board to help you visualise your end result.

If you are looking for pink and green (Flamingos and Cacti) as your theme, here is a good place to start...

pink and green mood board

Have a think about what colours do you want to use, what patters, textures, materials? Once you have this in your mind you can put them all down on your mood board before you even pick up a paint brush or begin ordering.

Spend some time in the room, close your eyes, think about how you see the end result turning out?

If you are wanting a more neutral look then you might end up with a board like this...

neutral mood board

Begin by cutting out clippings from magazines, pin pictures on Pinterest and get drawing.

If you begin with the end in mind, your vision will come together nicely.

A mood board can help you to pinpoint which colours or materials will not work well together and which textures and patters will sing when they are put together. 

Take a look at this mood board for blue and grey...

blue and grey mood board

All the products you see in these mood boards are available within our site so make sure you check out our full range of beautiful products here and if there is something in particular you are looking for, but you can't find it anywhere, make sure you get in contact and we will see if we can source something for you.

We would love to see your mood boards and finished rooms, so be sure to post your pictures below so we can share in your beautiful vision.

Now go out there and get moody!

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