Farrow & Ball on a Budget


If you are looking to create the Farrow & Ball look but on a budget, then this blog post is made for you...

If like us, Elm & Blue, you are a sucker for a brand name, then we are sure you will also fall in love with Farrow & Ball, and their beautifully crafted palette of 132 paint colours, especially designed for their rich pigment and popularity. Farrow & Ball have been around since 1946 and they are passionate about using age-old methods of creating their paint through original formulations.

As soon as Elm & Blue laid eyes on their distinctive palette of colours, we were entranced! However, they do come at a cost.

And quite a considerable cost at that.

A 2.5L tin of Farrow & Ball estate emulsion for interiors and ceilings will set you back £45.

Yes - it is totally worth the money.

But, are there more important things you could spend that money on?

If you want to create the Farrow & Ball look on more stricter budget, then let's talk about Dulux!

At almost half the price, you will get an equally lovely finish and it will certainly feel nicer on your bank balance. A 2.5L tin of Dulux modern emulsion for interiors and ceilings will only come to £24.

For the benefit of all those who are wanting to decorate, who are redecorating or those just considering it, then Elm & Blue have researched some popular colours of Farrow & Ball's and then matched them with the colours available at Dulux. This will enable you to create that Farrow & Ball look, but on a budget. (You're welcome!)

Let us start with a gorgeously deep aubergine colour...

Farrow & Ball Dulux

Farrow & Ball have titled theirs 'Brinjal' and if you would like to recreate that look through Dulux then go for the lovely colour of 'Mulbery Burst'.

If you are searching for a gorgeous shade of blue to decorate your room, then take a look at these...

farrow & ball deluxe paint colour blues

The wonderfully rich colour of Farrow & Ball's 'Oval Room Blue' can be almost matched by Dulux's 'Celestial Cloud 2'.

If your new colour scheme is something more subdued like the popular colour greige, then these next two colours could be more up your street for your renovation...

farrow & ball deluxe paint colour griege

Farrow & Ball have titled their greige 'Drop Cloth' and an almost match from Dulux called 'Crispy Crumble'. Both would look equally lovely in your hallway or kitchen perhaps.

If you are looking for a deeper neutral shade for your redecoration project, how about these colours...

Farrow & Ball Dulux paint colours browns

These deep browns would be the perfect statement to make. Farrow & Ball have called their shade 'Brassica' and Dulux have titled theirs 'Cocoa Powder'.

To add the element of sunshine to your room during your redecoration you could look to use one of these delightful yellow colours...

farrow & ball deluxe paint colours

Farrow & Ball have called theirs 'Sudbury Yellow' and the equivalent from Dulux would be 'Sunny Day'. Both would certainly bring the element of light to your newly decorated room.

If you are feeling braver and bolder, then how about these daring blues to paint your walls with...

Farrow & Ball Dulux paint colours palette

'Drawing Room Blue' from Farrow & Ball is a bold statement to make during any renovation, and the equivalent from Dulux, 'Sapphire Salute' would have an equally bold impact on your room.

To bring the element of nature into your newly decorated room, how about a gorgeous shade of green paint like these...

farrow & ball deluxe paint colours

Farrow & Balls 'Breakfast Room Green' is a delightful shade and an almost perfect match from Dulux is 'Amazon Jungle 2'. 

If you prefer to paint your walls with more neutral tones of grey when you decorate, how about these...

farrow and ball dulux grey paint tone

'Mole's Breath' is a fabulously rich shade of grey from Farrow & Ball, but of course you can have the equivalent from Dulux called 'Shadow Line'.

If you are looking for a lighter shade of grey, then how about these paint colours...

grey farrow & ball deluxe paint colours palette

These are certainly more subtle than the last, but equally as on trend. Farrow and Ball have called theirs 'Cromatory' and the almost perfect match from Dulux is 'Dusted Moss 2'.

If when you pick up the paint brush you like to be bold with your colours, then a splash of red might be right up your street...

Farrow and Ball reds deluxe paint colours

The 'Radicchio' from Farrow & Ball is a bold statement for any renovation, and of course you can create the same statement with 'Monarch' from Dulux.

If you prefer a lighter shade of colour to your walls during a redecoration, then these pinks might be just what you are looking for...

pink farrow and ball deluxe palette paint colours

The 'Cinder Rose' from Farrow & Ball is a beautiful hue of pink and you can create the same style of room with 'Candy Love 4' from Dulux.

Whatever shade of colour you choose for your redecoration, or whichever brand you buy from, Elm & Blue would love to see all your renovation projects, so take sure you drop us a note below with your stories and pictures so we can enjoy them with you.

Happy decorating!

Elm & Blue


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