Elm & Blues' Favourites

elm & blue's favourites

I know, I know, you shouldn't have favourites!

When you have a product website, you have a love for all your products that appear on your site; you love them each individually and for their own unique qualities.

But... you can't help having favourites!

And here at Elm & Blue with over 100, nordic inspired and quirky, products on our site we do have a few favourites. (Just don't tell our other products!)

So, if you are looking to redecorate; to change your style in your room, to add a few key pieces, to finish off the look of your room or to improve the decor, then this is the ideal place to start to see our recommendations for transforming your look in your room with some of our favourite products...

When it comes to Wall Art, there is one winner in our eyes...

It's the Deer and Quote Canvas set of three beautiful prints. 

These stunning prints come in a range of sizes; you can buy all three, mix and match or get them individually.

What we love about them is their true, Nordic, simplicity; their geometric design with the hint of nature from the trees and of course the inspirational message.

These prints will make any room stand out with its individual style.

Now, if you want to talk getting cosy on your sofa, then Elm & Blue have a HUGE range of cushions to suit any interior decoration.

You can mix and match to create your own style, or take a look at our favourite cushions to cosy up to...

The Knot Ball Cushion may not sound comfy or cosy, but let me assure you it is! Just take a look this...

Knot Ball Cushion

It is soft and cuddly. It comes in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your decoration and add a touch of uniqueness and individuality.

But, don't stop at just one cushion...

Check out these Solid Design Velvet Cushions...

solid design velvet cushion

These beautiful cushions are simply sumptuous and will transform the look of any sofa or bed into a place you want to cosy up and get comfortable. They are available in a range of different colours and sizes.

And of course, here at Elm & Blue we believe you can never have too many cushions!!!

So, to top it all off we love to add some cushions with a quirky and unique edge.

Check out these Geometric Nordic Cushions...

geometric nordic cushions

They are simply stunning! With their bole design and geometric pattern they will make a wonderful statement in any home.

Another of our favourites has to be the Crochet Blanket.

crochet blanket

This bold design blanket is available in multiple colours and sizes and adds the right amount of class to your room; it's functional and stylish. A top favourite of ours.

This next favourite is for all the parents out there! When it comes to accessorising your little ones room, it's little additions like this next one that make all the difference.

Take a look at the adorable Kids Wooden Toy Camera...

kids wooden toy camera

Available in five different colours, these wooden cameras are totally on-trend and must-have for your little ones room.

They help to promote imagination with your kids and of course, they look beautiful hung up on a peg too!

When it comes to rugs, there is one rug that gets us most excited! It has to be the Multi-Function Ground Mat.

multi function ground mat

With its bold geometric design and versatile size it is the ideal rug for any room. Available in four different designs it is truly a Nordic inspired piece if ever I saw one. (This is probably our most favourite product of all!)

And now for a touch of mood lighting to add to the atmosphere in your room, we love these Iron Candle Holders...

iron candle holder

With their neutral colour, they will fit well into any room and add ambience when lit in the evening.

And last, but by no means least, another favourite of ours are the Paper Storage Bags.

paper storage bags

These are unique and versatile; use them for umbrellas, wrapping paper, plants, laundry and anything else you can think of, and for their versatility, they have to be one of our favourites!

And there you have it, although we love every product we have in our online store, these would certainly top our must-haves list for potential customers.

Why don't you take a browse of our store and let us know which products you like the best.

Elm & Blue


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