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Guest blog post by Hope Linker.

Whether you are a fan of neutrals or you are a “the more colour, the better!” type of home decorator, this week’s blog post is here to inspire you. No matter what your style is, we encourage you to step outside the box and try something outside of your comfort zone; Colour Theory 101: Home Decorating.

Did you know that there’s actually a science behind choosing the paint and accessory colours in each room of your home? Colour can make a small room seem larger, and it can even make a room feel energetic, sophisticated, romantic, calm, or even more “clean”. Count us in for that! ;)

bright white colour theory 101 home decorating decor ideas inspiration

For example, some may say that a bright white paint colour on the walls is plain and boring, but we adore the clean, bright, open energy that it can bring to any room. This is an especially great paint colour choice in kitchens, offices, or family rooms. If you love the bright white look but can’t get on board with white walls that may be prone to lots of dirt and dust, brighten up your space with white accessories, such as throw pillows, throw blankets, artistic pieces and more. With white, the options are endless!

colour theory 101 home decorating decor ideas inspiration brown leather

If your goal is to create an earthy, cozy, comfortable space, opt for shades of brown, tan and taupe. There are thousands of choices in this category, and this can really cozy up your living room, home office or sitting area. We love some rich, brown leather furniture, along with fun accent rugs or other home accessories.

colour theory 101 home decorating designs decor ideas inspiration

Need to liven up your space? Red can be the perfect way to do that! With red, you can add a playful touch to a kids’ playroom, a bold vibe to a kitchen, or an energetic feel to your family living room. If you want to use red paint on the walls (or just one accent wall), this colour of passion will add drama to any room. If bold, bright red isn’t your style, opt for muted or darker tones for a more rustic or contemporary vibe. "Red is never boring," says interior designer Denna McLaughlin of City Studios.

colour theory 101 home decorating decor ideas inspiration accessories

Going for a soothing or romantic feel? Add a pink accent wall or some pink accessories to make the room pop with a relaxing, charming, dreamy energy. Small touches of blush, coral, fuschia, rose or salmon will bring any bedroom, living room or bathroom to life!

colour theory 101 home decorating ideas decor inspiration

Orange screams creativity and energy. This is the perfect colour for a modern and creative home office, bathroom or even a dining room. With a joyful orange colour bursting through art, decorations, paint or accessories, the creative ideas will be flowing and your energy will be bursting!

colour theory 101 home decorating decor inspiration ideas design

Speaking of energy, another great colour to evoke excitement, happiness and sunshine is yellow! Adding this positive, bright, sunny shade can work fabulously in a laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, office, living room or any room your heart desires! Whether you go the mustard route, bright lemon, or a pale yellow shade, your living space will attract vibrance.

colour theory 101 home decorating decor design ideas inspiration

Energizing colours are fabulous, but what about those rooms that you want to feel calm, relaxed, and soothed? Opt for greens and blues in rooms you tend to wind down in. We love a sage or pale green to give a spa-like feel to a bathroom. Sage also works well in living rooms to help you feel extra cozy on those movie-marathon weekends. And if you prefer neutral paint shades, pops of greenery and indoor house plants are a great way to add texture, dimension, and energy to any room. Shades of blue can work similarly in a soothing way, but darker blue hues can create drama and mystery if that’s a feeling you desire. Navy blue is a shade we’re loving lately, and we have many accessories to subtly add this dramatic, but classic colour to any room.

colour theory 101 home decorating inspiration design ideas decor

If you’re a little more on the bold side, purple can really create a lively, wise, creative, or mysterious space. Whether it’s a small pop of purple in a floral arrangement, or an accent wall in a bright, stunning shade of purple, it’s sure to catch your guests’ attention.

colour theory 101 home decorating inspiration ideas design decor

Finally, one of our favorites: GREY! This fabulous colour is so chic, timeless, and versatile. Grey blends seamlessly in almost any room, and the variety of shades and tints are endless. Many designers say grey is trendy, but we say “grey is here to stay!”. Use this colour fearlessly - we think you’ll be surprised at how much you love it!

colour theory 101 home decorating design inspiration decor ideas

And if you missed one of our previous blog posts, 7 Ideas for Springing into Spring, you’ll definitely get some colour inspiration there, too!

What colour is your favourite room in the house? When you enter that room, how does it make you feel?

Happy colouring,

Hope Linker

On behalf of Elm & Blue

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