7 Ideas for Springing into Spring


7 IDEAS FOR SPRINGING INTO SPRING Elm and blue design style decor

As we are fast approaching spring and leaving winter behind it is time to turn up the volume on your home decor colour palettes and introduce brighter shades; so here are 7 ideas to get your spinning into spring.

Spring is a time for new life, new beginnings, out with the old, in with the new, and by bringing brighter colours into our homes, we automatically increase the happiness factor in our lives. And who doesn’t want some of that happiness factor?

Here is Elm & Blues guide to on-trend colours and accessories to bring into your room to get ready for springtime.

1. Let us start with Aqua...

Aqua is such a bright and refreshing colour, it reminds us of water which automatically has a wonderfully grounding affect upon us.

aqua cushion covers elm and blueneordic home design decor accessories

You can bring this into your home decor in the form of these beautiful Aqua Cushions. Great for in the living room or bedroom.

2. Let heat up our shades of Pink...

A bright or strong pink is a sign of love, warmth and comfort. When we bring pink into our interior design we increase the comfort levels and it makes us feel at home.

You can bring pink into your home accessories with this beautifully pink Flamingo Storage Basket.

flamingo storage basket elm and blue nordic home decor design accessories

This is fun and a great way to store your kids toys or laundry away from sight.

3. Spring wouldn’t be spring without fresh flowers making an appearance. When you bring in nature into your home it can have a grounding affect and it will brighten your day, everyday.

You can do this trough having beautifully simple Cube Plant Pots to show off your brightly coloured plants.

cube plant pot flower pot design decor life style elm and blue

4. If you want to introduce nature without the upkeep, you can do this through our on-trend Tropical Print Cushions.

tropical print cushions decision decor elm and blue nordic inspiration
A great way to bring in easy-to-look-after nature.

5. Coral!!! Yes, we love coral, it reminds us of the hot shores of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.

Introduce coral through this delightful Nordic Style Throw. Great for adding to your living room sofa or guest bedroom.

nordic style throw elm and blue life home design decor inspiration accessories
6. The addition of yellow is like adding a ray of sunshine to your home decor and when you bring sunshine in, you let the light shine and the happiness factor thrive.

knot ball cushion elm and blue style life home decor design nordic

Add this wonderfully bright yellow Knot Ball Cushion to your room decor for an instant ball of sunshine.

7. Encourage the blue skies to show their faces by bringing in sky blue to your life. This will encourage your mind to think of warmer climates form holidays gone by.

You can bring in sky blue to your home accessories with this beautifully bright and cheery Velvet Cushion.

velvet cushion elm and blue style life home nordic design decor

Whatever home accessories you decide to bring in for the springtime, don’t be afraid of using bold and bright shades of your favourite colours.

Share your favourite colours with us all and tell us how you will introduce them into your life.

Happy Colouring.

Elm & Blue


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